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Vintage and Bloggers: When past meets present in beauty. A discussion with Lauren Kurtz

Vintage is used to define something of high quality, from the past.  In cosmetics, modern formulations combined with packaging, compositions and looks from the past are the inspirations for one Southern California company that we recently talked with when radio AMB guest host Alicia Benkovich interviewed make-up artist and Beseme Cosmetics specialist Lauren Kurtz.  Listen below to hear how this new culmination of high quality, old and modern are used to re-create period specific and accurate photoshoots.  Alicia and Lauren dive into the world of vintage makeup and what goes into creating looks that are vintage even as they’re beautifully new.

Unknown copyAlicia, the Radio AMB voice of the target consumer that every beauty company is trying to attract, shares some of her favorite Youtube bloggers and vloggers along with what to look for in the upcoming summer months for makeup trends. She also shares the theme of the Met Gala Ball as well as the far east and how these factors are influencing our perceptions of beauty.

Learn how un-licensed beauty bloggers are creating a community on social media and how beauty professionals can help steer consumers to proper product and beauty knowledge. Only on Radio AMB.

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