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Turning hair education into poetry. An interview with David Kinigson.

Tyler Kroning HeadshotHow does a poet become a world class educator in the beauty world? Hard work and creativity. Meet David Kinigson, owner of The David K Space Salon and Academy and Mode IQ Education, a recent guest on Radio AMB.

When David got started on his career path, he was set on becoming a writer, specifically poetry. He liked that it gave him focus. What it was lacking, though, was energy, something he found the day he realized that beauty salons were absolutely buzzing. The hairdresser cutting his hair suggested David go to beauty school. It the best advice he ever got. Years later, he opened his salon, which specializes in couture cuts, and eventually began developing his own approach to cutting. As a founding member of Intercoiffure, he continues to focus on how to translate it into wearable hair.

Find out how. Listen to the podcast below.

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