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The lost art of the gentleman as applied to the tattoo art of Luke Wessman

Tattooing is an art. It’s a passion that comes from inside, something that you’re born with but that must be nurtured in order to bring it out, to share it. An artist like Luke Wessman shares his particular brand of art on skin and clothing all over the country, and he recently shared his story with Patty Schmucker on Radio AMB.

Unknown copyLuke left home at 15, and began his career apprenticing for another legendary artist named Dave Gibson. He’s heavily tattooed, and has found that tattoos have become more acceptable everywhere. Luke tells stories through his art, and loves to sit with people and listen to the tales they spin. By traveling the world he has learned about two concepts: Self Made, Dues Paid, a gothic-font proudly displayed on fashion items; and the lost art of the gentleman. It’s a concept – and soon to be book – that he believes in completely. By staying positive, and focusing on being present, he stays in a great space.

And he shares his ideas on that, on creating a brand, the future of tattoos, finding a pathway into the beauty industry, giving back, and the lost art of the gentleman. It’s all part of expanding how we all see beauty, and we think that’s pretty important. Listen in.

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