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Spreading Global Beauty…Step out to Chile. An Interview with Patty Schmucker

global beauty on radioamb

What does beauty look like in other parts of the world? Listen in as Patty Schmucker discuss her trip to Chile for a government sponsored program that brought people from all over the globe together to increase global commerce.

Find out what Patty observed after meeting with over 30 Chilean companies and what she was able to gather from the signals around her, and how that will help us understand how people will connect in the future. Let Patty take you on a journey and find out the connection between climate, German influences, the fashion, and the shoes. And lets not forget the food!

Listen in for more on what Patty’s informative trip to Chile offered up in all things beauty, global enterprise and what we as American’s can learn from looking to other countries for innovation. We think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.


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