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Breathing Deep and Taking the Leap. An Interview with Shari Hendricks of Laguna Candles.

radioamb interview of laguna candles

Want to know the secret to owning and running your own business and still having the ability to breath? Patty Schmucker interviews Shari Hendricks of Laguna Candles and they discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur and develop a successful business with health and wellbeing at its core.

Patty and Shari discuss that by being enlightened: thoughtful, patient and paying it forward, will give you the ability to succeed. Shari produces quality products, that she can control, all while employing woman and working alongside her husband every day, which is the key to a healthy well-balanced life. Who knew that being humble could lead to becoming a global brand?

Listen in as Shari explains how taking the BIMA course helped her find the WHY for Laguna Candles and that taking the entrepreneurial leap was something she had in her blood. If you love health and wellness and beautifully scented things then we think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.


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