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Setting Goals and Winning Awards. Just another day for Ammon Carver.

What makes a successful stylist? Little things like being willing to pay your dues, and always wanting to learn and explore more. Being part of a large family that keeps you in check also helps. These are just some of what 2016 North American Hairstyling Award winner Ammon Carver believes are the secret to his success. Alicia Benkovich interviewed Ammon after winning his award.

Unknown copyFrom growing up in Utah and riding horses to going to cosmetology school, Ammon has followed his passion. He believes that if you act “green,” paying attention to the environment, and continue to grow your heart, mind and skills; if you remain authentic and humble, you can achieve your goals.

Listen as they discuss his rise within the beauty industry and cover the highlights of the 2016 awards, including the win for him and his salon team.

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