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Oh, so grand. An interview with Vivienne Mackinder, the grand dame of hairstyling

Tyler Kroning HeadshotHorses. Many believe them to be the most majestic animals on earth. Strong, regal, gorgeous. And often the inspiration for Vivienne Mackinder, who allows her horses to transport her to a world where nature inspires color and shape. That inspiration is channeled into her stunning hair creations. Mackinder is the founder of and a seven-time winner of the North American Hairdresser Award. She has worked alongside some of the most respected names in professional beauty and she recently talked to Patty Schmucker on Radio AMB.

Mackinder shares stories of her past, where she was a classically trained dancer, and how seeing the elegance and beauty of the ballerinas propelled her forward into the industry where she has made a lasting mark. Painfully shy, she learned how to perform on stage while working with Vidal Sassoon. And her career took off from there. Hear how courage, faith and vision combine to influence her imagination and how she focuses on art and form in order to ultimately create beauty.

She is a visionary, a true treasure when it comes to color and style, who sees beauty everywhere in the world, and who watches the majesty of her horses in order to transport us all. Take a listen.

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