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Meet Jillian Wright, an American innovator for both skin care and the way the world learns about independent beauty brands.  

Tyler Kroning HeadshotSkin is the body’s largest organ so it’s no surprise that so many work to keep it beautiful. How they do that, though, is what’s most important. Jillian Wright is a woman who built her career as a clinical aesthetician in New York where she performed nearly 10,000 individualized skin treatments at her own spa. As a premier skin spa owner, she became known as a global skin health expert who could create positive habits for a beautiful lifestyle. It’s why she created her own brand.

When Jillian Wright sat down with Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker she also shared her frustration in getting her brands to consumers. Hear how this entrepreneur created the Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) to introduce her independent brand to the press, consumer and buyers.  In the process she developed a whole new pathway for other emerging beauty brands.  She innovated with her spa treatments, and with her skin care brand.  Now she has innovated the way people learn about beauty.

Patty and Jillian talk about about it all. Listen below to hear something pretty important.

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