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Light at therapy. That’s the promise of LightStim. A RadioAMB interview with Joniann Marchese.

joniann marcheseWhat is light therapy? In a word, energy, delivered to thebody’s tissues. Much like plants require sun and light in order to grow andthrive, so too does the human body. Light therapy uses light energy in a similarway. As captured by LightStim, the light therapy emitted is UV-free and highly beneficialto energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural processes to build newproteins and regenerate cells. It’s all used to increase beauty, health andwellbeing. It’s also uniquely American and on Monday, the creator of LightStim,Joniann Marchese, recently joined host Patty Schmucker on Radio AMB.

Listen in to hear more about how devices like LightStim helpdeliver on the promise to help people look younger, with their skin tighter and smooth and even acne free.  Joniann will discuss her background in the auto industry and how that unlikely start led her into the world of beauty. She’ll talk about discovering LED technology and its bridge to wellness. And she’ll talk about doing it all while reflecting an entrepreneurial American heritage, one of ingenuity.

Listen in below. We think you’ll hear something pretty important.

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