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Does beauty need a contract? A conversation with contract manufacturers Eve Tousignant and Tyler Kroning of PakLab

Tyler Kroning HeadshotKnowing where to turn when you have a great idea for a beauty product but have no idea how to go about producing it can be the difference between bringing your product to fruition, and it being relegated to a shelf to gather dust. On Monday, Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker talks to two people who can help anyone who has “the idea.” Eve Tousignant is the Managing Director at PakLab, and she offers her unique insight on the latest market trends impacting US markets. Her counterpart in marketing, Tyler Kroning, is a man with a passion for developing concepts and successfully launching new brands into the marketplace.

Listen in to hear how these two and their contract manufacturing facility are working to change the world of beauty from hair to toe. The company has been in business for over 30 years, manufacturing some of the biggest brands in the world. Their 200,000 square foot facility in California is the main location though they also have four other labs throughout the country.

But the heart of the beauty biz remains in Southern California. This conversation will give you an idea why. Hear how to take a product from idea to in the jar as only Eve and Tyler can explain. Monday morning, 11 am Pacific with rebroadcasts throughout the week. Only on where you might hear something pretty important.

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