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Beauty and Health, is a Partnership. An Interview with Pon Saradeth & MJ Galvez of Pon International Salon.

pon saradeth on radioamb

p.saradeth Headshot
How do we find balance with beauty and wellness? Well, these guests on RadioAMB, sure know a thing or two about it. Meet Pon Saradeth and his partner MJ Galvez. Together they opened Pon International Salon and Cycle Lab in Anaheim Hills, California. They are teaching the importance of a balanced lifestyle between beauty and personal health.

Listen in as, Dean White talks with Pon and MJ and why they believe that you only get back what you are willing to give to others. With this philosophy they are teaching people that if you lose your health you lose everything. Bringing this mindset home to the beauty environment and melding the two together is their path to true wellness.

Work hard, take risks, be proud of your work – these are just a few insights into how they started their salon. We think that’s pretty important.


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