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A wellness revolution that’s universal

Over the last few years, a strong trend has been pulsing through the beauty industry. It’s one that is quickly translating into products as well as services, and it’s one that Universal Companies is at the forefront of. It’s a revolution and it’s about wellness. Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker continues her series of interviews […]

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What is universal beauty?

How do we define beauty? Is there a universal term or a universal description? Does it have to do with hair or eye color, or age? The tone and texture of one’s skin? Is it attitude? Perhaps it’s all of the above. In discussing what makes beauty timeless and universal, the one constant seems to […]

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What’s that wonderful aroma?

When it comes to natural foods and natural beauty products in America, one of the first to explore the quality of raw materials was a man named Jeffrey Light. For over 50 years, he worked in the manufacturing arena building such well known “natural” brands as Jason Natural & Organic Cosmetics. This leading brand has […]

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Beyonce isn’t the only beauty with a style squad at her fingertips

A recent study estimated that the average woman spends nearly two years of her life applying make-up. A shocking statistic that doesn’t even include skincare, taming your mane, or maintaining your physique. As our readers know, keeping up a beauty regimen can feel like a full time job. That’s why American Made Beauty attended the recent CEW event in Santa Monica. After interviewing […]

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Beauty goes digital

What’s the common denominator of companies like Harley-Davidson, Rosetta Stone, Progressive Insurance, Nikon, Microsoft, General Electric and Paul Mitchell? Lisa Kovner of Kovner & Company, a digital strategist who uses her unique knowledge of integrated marketing to get the word out and out and out for all types of American Made Beauty products. Her experience […]

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