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Beauty by a nose

We have five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. All are important when it comes to beauty, but one of the most interesting is the latter: fragrance. Smell. Danica Siegal of I Am Fragrance was born into fragrance and continues to explore the olfactory experience, something she continues to share with others, including you, […]

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Is there a connection between beauty and mental health?

In each Radio AMB show, we discuss the many aspects that go into making beauty. We’ve laid the ground work for how beauty is truly inside out and outside in; how the body works internally in order to present beauty externally. We talked about how the topical application of products can truly work to support […]

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Stepping behind the glass

The world of photography is one of mystery and intrigue. The world of beauty photography even more so. How do you come up with the shot? How do you create a visual interpretation of a concept? If you’re Robert Lynden, you do it with intuition, knowledge and a deep love of what’s beautiful. Lynden, founder […]

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