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Who manufactures beauty?

We’ve all done it. We stand in our salon or in Sephora, and we look at the shelves full of the tubes, jars, bottles, pots and vials. We’re drawn to the names, the look of the packaging, we make a purchase and then take our chosen product home to try. We think we know who […]

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Meet a true color maestro

What is color? Where does it come from? How does it apply to hair? Who wrote the book on hair color? And who knows what’s best? Listen to Patty’s interview with Beth Minardi for the answers. Beth shares how we are surrounded by color and how that affects the way we feel.   A true […]

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A very unique beauty boutique

When Brian Esposito’s father started Milo Beauty over 40 years ago he couldn’t have imagined how his professional beauty distributing company would be the first to create professional stores. And how it could evolve, under the direction of Brian and his sister Lisa, into an enterprise that touches beauty, fashion, and music, and is about […]

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Eyes on Cancer. An interview with Jeanne Braa Foster and her husband Dr. Dean Foster 

In this podcast, Patty Schmucker talks to Jeanne Braa again, who also introduces us to her husband Dr. Dean Foster.   Dean knew he wanted to be a doctor from an early age. His dad was a physician, and so Dean witnessed first-hand the value of wellness in life. He went to medical school, became […]

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Be brainy about beauty

If you’ve ever wondered how formulas are crafted, how ingredients are chosen, mixed in the lab and end up in a bottle, jar or tube, then you need to hear the two guys known as The Beauty Brains. Randy Schueller started out writing stories he hoped would sell to Marvel comics, segued into a chemistry […]

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