Patty Schmucker is President and CEO of Performance Branding Services (PBS) and co-founder of American Made Beauty. Prior to launching PBS, she accumulated significant experience in business management and development, having served as Vice President of Sales, Education and Marketing for Caesar’s Beauty, the second largest distributor for the Aveda Corporation. She also served as National Director of Sales-West for the Aveda Corporation and sat on Aveda’s Advisory Committee from 1985-1998. She launched her own Ayurvedic brand, DoshaCare in 2008.

During the last decade Patty has been involved with a variety of success stories in the cosmetic industry as an outsourced CEO, with expertise in strategic planning, product development, marketing, sales and education development, operational infrastructure, international expansion and financial management. Patty wrote and currently facilitates a program for the Center for International Trade Development which has helped over 85 companies develop their international expansion plans resulting in over $22 Million in new export sales.

Patty earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business. She has over 15 years of trade and community board work, and teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and as a certified trainer with Franklin Covey and The Chopra Center for Well Being.

In 2015 Patty launched her newest brand, American Made Beauty which is a web portal and direct to consumer marketing efforts to help beauty brands made in American reach consumers domestically and internationally.

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