The Origin of the Family Haircut. An Interview with Dennis Ratner.

Dennis Ratner Headshot
One of the constants when it comes to creativity is the age-old traditions of the napkin. You’ve heard the stories before. A scientist developed a cure for something … on the back of a napkin. An author came up with the premise for a Pulitzer-prize winning tome … on the back of a napkin. Maybe it’s because being out of your normal space and relaxing, not just your body but your mind, influences ideas to finally come forth. Whatever it is, it works. Just ask Dennis Ratner, the founder and CEO of the largest privately-owned chain of hair salons in the country. It’s called Hair Cuttery, and he and his then wife sketched out the idea … on the back of a napkin.

Dennis is Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB. Tune in to hear about Dennis’ family history, how his dad started a salon in 1936, how Dennis wasn’t a good student and relatively aimless until his dad told him he had to get a profession. He got his license, studied in New York with top hair cutters, and by 19 opened his first salon. Inspired by Vidal Sassoon and his concept of a unisex salon and unisex cuts, Dennis went out to dinner. And, a napkin later, the rest is history.

Hear the first of a two part series on the Ratner Company and Dennis’ story. Experience his passion for the industry, his people and his goals for the future. Learn how he is focused on growing successful beauty professionals that have careers, rather than just jobs.