You’ve Got It Made. We’ve Got a Place to Show It Off.

This online marketplace is a celebration of American determination, innovation, pride, freedom and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The world wants American Made Beauty and the lifestyle influences that reflect our values. We’re the place that “makes things.” We bring to the world quality products and the desire for living that makes America a source of inspiration.

To Qualify as One of Our American Beauties

check The product or service offered must be made in the U.S.

check Beauty products must meet FDA requirements for labels

check A majority of their headquarters are based in the U.S.

We prefer for all or most of the product to be produced in the US. We recognize that we are part of a global community and as such many goods we produce today are in part, produced using raw materials and parts from other parts of the world. Through our efforts of recognition and celebration of innovation invented in America, we hope to create a renaissance of manufacturing in America.

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