Herbs and Beauty. A Discussion with Emily Fritchey of Sunshine Botanicals

Emily Fritchey Headshot
Emily Fritchey grew up with a chronic skin problem that no doctor could seem to correctly diagnose. By experimenting with herbs, she was finally able to create something to “cure” herself. It also inspired her to become educated in herbal biology. Her passion for understanding health conditions and how to achieve long-term solutions naturally also led her to her husband. Together they started creating herbal formulas to target specific skin conditions. And a different kind of skin care line was born.

Emily sits down with Patty Schmucker, host of Radio AMB, to talk about how we all tend to fall into a cycle of cleanse, tone and moisturize, putting the least amount of time into the cleansing ritual. With Sunshine Botanicals, Emily focuses on the importance of all three. As a skin therapist, she understands that all skin treatment programs must begin with cleansing skin the right way, using the correct – herbal – ingredients targeted for individual skin types. The result is a seamless fusion of herbs and beauty for natural cleansing, toning and moisturizing.