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Hair care is so much more complex than lather and condition. American is the melting pot of the world and no where will you find a broader diversity of daily care to specialized treatment that allows you to create incredible style for your mane. Is your hair lacking luster and shine? Need a change or just looking to cover those greys? You will find just the right product to address your own personal needs right here.

This community includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, special treatments, color, tools, appliance, brushes and more.



A collection of haircare products that combines quality skincare ingredients with the performance of professional haircare.

The results? Products that TREAT and PERFORM.



Non-toxic, Certified organic products that work for you and the planet

We are an environmental company. Our message is saving the planet and our selves. Our medium is making the best personal care products on earth. Vegan, cruelty-free and made with plants, not petroleum.

Be pure, unadulterated and wild everyday.




Luxurious hair care that gently hydrates while enhancing color. Softens & smoothes for a great hair day, everyday.




Live beautifully.




Your hair is the most important thing you wear.




Spare My Hair® is the ultimate all natural, all organic hair re-growth solution for men and women suffering from thinning hair. The focus of Spare My Hair® is to rebuild, reconstruct, regrow and revitalize hair for both men and women.

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