What is American Made Beauty?


We are an online showcase for brands Made in America or Manufactured in America. We are the only website dedicated solely to American-made beauty, providing manufacturers and consumers alike the opportunity to see which brands truly are American-made. We verify it and offer American Made Beauty Verification seals for brands to use on their websites and on packaging and marketing materials.

We define what America-made beauty means globally, helping brands reach customers, while encouraging manufacturing, job creation, and American beauty entrepreneurs.

What types of companies appear on American Made Beauty?


Any type of beauty and health company and manufacturer who has been verified to be Made in the USA or Manufactured in the USA can appear in a community. Our communities [link to What it is page] are essentially directories of specific areas in beauty. All were started in and are still based in America.

How does a company qualify to be on American Made Beauty?


It order to meet the standard as an American Made Beauty brand it is critical that the qualifications are strictly followed to protect the value of this claim.

Products must be produced in a facility that meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for the use of Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) ingredients and good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards. Products must also be labeled according to FDA standards with proper ingredient listings, warnings (if applicable) and usage instructions.

We also review company’s websites to ensure that proper labeling disclosures are visible. The standards set by both the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allow consumers to make informed choices about their health and beauty product before they make a purchase.

To be verified as Manufactured in the USA, “all or virtually all” of the product must have been made in America, meaning that significant parts, processing and labor must be of US origin.

To be verified as Made in the USA, product components including ingredients and packaging have to be at least 90% (of the retail value) made in America unless a manufacturer can sow that it is impossible to obtain certain materials in the US and that those materials make up no more than 20% of the retail value.

By participating with AMB, your company is warranting that you meet the required standards.

Is a product required to be 100% American?


No. And here’s why: Our country works closely with other countries in order to ensure a smooth flow of resources for a balanced and thriving global economy. We want to inspire sustainable business concepts, like purchasing raw materials, labor and manufacturing based on the use of all resources (energy, indigenous materials, etc.) rather than just cost. We would love for all products showcased on American Made Beauty to be made using only US raw materials, but we also recognize (as does the FDA and the FTC) that it’s not always possible. We hope that companies who obtain one of our seals will continue to do all that they can to support American innovation, whether it’s through ingredients, packaging or manufacturing.

What makes American Made Beauty different from other sites that list US companies?


In a word: Verification. Until American Made Beauty there was no official standard for recognizing Made in America beauty and health brands. There is now. Before we list a company on our site, they must verify their American-made claims. Only brands who pass the test earn the seal.

We also know beauty. The things you use in and on your body are pretty important and we are the single sources that provides a consumer service to ensure beauty and health products are made in a safe manner according to the rules established by the FDA.

Why will consumers buy products listed American Made Beauty?


According to a survey by Perception Research Services International, 83% of people said they pay close attention to whether a product is Made in the USA. Seventy-six percent said they would be more likely to buy something with that designation. Consumers who come to our site to learn more about American-made companies will see that every company listed is truly Made or Manufactured in the USA.

Why should I offer my brand on American Made Beauty?


American Made Beauty offers emerging and established beauty brands another searchable venue to showcase products and services. You can promote your point of difference, increase consumer confidence and do it all while shouting that you’re American made, and proud of it.

How does my brand grow by being on American Made Beauty?


Consumers in America and abroad are looking for companies that are American. This umbrella gives you an opportunity to showcase one of your brand’s most important attributes. Additionally, we’re currently showing more than [800] unique hits every week, with 30% coming from outside the US.

What else does American Made Beauty do?


Radio AMB. We’re broadcast on 62+ syndicated and simulcast channels in 130 countries and 1,240 US cities. You can even be a guest.
Social media. We help by providing sample email blast and press release formats. We can build landing pages for your email blasts right on our site. We can also provide ideas for leveraging Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and more.

How can I submit my brand to join the AMB family?

Signing up is easy. Click here to submit your application and fee of $250. Once your application is received we will contact you to confirm your qualifications.