Aroma is to the nose what music is to the ears. Do you like 100% organic essentials oils or natural identical? Perhaps the bold and daring of engineered fragrance fits your aroma style. It’s personal and it makes you different. You get to choose what you want for your next new aroma. We have it all here, from natural and organic essential oils to fragrances and perfumes.
This includes perfumes, colognes, essential oils, roll ons and misters.


Dossage creates extraordinary fragrances that are simultaneously as subtle as they are memorable. Inspired by natural beauty, exotic travel, and passionate romance, Dossage’s exclusive line of fragrances uses a unique blending process combined with a special mood-enhancing agent to ensure that even a drop will surprise the senses and elevate the spirit. Each sophisticated scent is comprised of complex and complimentary head, heart, and base notes that enhance rather than overpower, and the result is a spark with the potential to ignite an adventure.

Danica Aromatics


Los Angeles, CA 90027
Verified: 3/11/2016



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