How Do You Elevate the Art of Hair? A Conversation with Tatum Neill.

Tatum NeillHis biggest pet peeves are turtlenecks and lip gloss. He believes that razors need to be new and sharp when cutting hair. And he knows that all hairstylists speak at least two languages: one to converse, and one to cut, color, style … and elevate hair in order to create a new evolution. He is Tatum Neill, part of the youngest generation in a multi generation royal family of the industry. The Neill Corporation has been providing education and inspiration to the professional industry since the 40s. He’s Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB.

Join them as they discuss what it’s like to be part of a movement, something that’s for beauty lovers, and presents a chance to cultivate a community from the industry, beauty influencers and the public. Elevate Hair events are planned in several cities this year to bring together local communities with inspiration, music, performance and education. It’s an opportunity for aspiring artists to showcase their work, express themselves creatively, enjoy music and have fun. Shows are planned in New York and Dallas, as well as the first in LA at the Viper Club on Sunset Boulevard.