When it Comes to Data, Beauty Matters. An Interview with Kelly Kovack

Kelly Kovack Headshot
Think back to a time before the internet. We know. Horrors. But there was such a time and it wasn’t that long ago. That’s when Kelly Kovack got her start creating product catalogs for Bliss. This was during the early days of Bliss and it was owner Marcia Kilgore who asked her summer employee to dive in, take charge and change the spa world. She did. Using her business skills and her innate creativity, Kelly built a catalog that worked. Fast forward to the 21st century, and Kelly is now using her creativity, keen instincts, data and the internet – to bring focus to entrepreneurs through her business portal Beauty Matter.

Kelly focuses on seeing holes in markets, discovering innovation, and giving birth to new market concepts. And with Beauty Matter, she is able to help influence consumers and people in the biz. The beauty industry is a living, breathing entity, and learning how to identify what works, what’s trendy, and help brands turn it all into success is what matters most.