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Women and beauty. In which Patty Schmucker interviews Patty Schmucker

Feb 03, 2017

Who knows more about American Made Beauty than American Made Beauty co-founder, Patty Schmucker? Well, maybe Patty Schmucker. And on Monday, Patty’s guest is herself. Her scheduled guest had a death in the family and was unable to participate, so Patty did what Patty does best: turn the situation to her favor, and make lemons […]

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A healthy mind is a beautiful thing. An interview with Michael Oden and Alina Ugas

Jan 23, 2017

When an old year gives way to a new one, new thinking emerges in an attempt to understand the reality of the world today. Patty Schmucker’s recent Radio AMB guests provided some insight to the fact that a tremendous number of kids grow up in homes where a lack of attention leads to emotional suffering […]

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What is the future of beauty? An interview with Miriam Lueck Avery of the Institute for the Future.

Jan 02, 2017

Anthropology is the study of humanity. There is physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archeological anthropology. To that, Miriam Lueck Avery might add, beautifical anthropology, or the study of beauty in humanity. In 1968, her mother was one of the founding members of the Institute for the Future (IFTF), a non-profit organization dedicated to studying change and […]

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Let’s omnichannel beauty

Sep 23, 2015

“Too many beauty brands don’t get that a growing number of customer are buying beauty online.” That’s how a recent conversation started with a VP of beauty at a leading top tier department store retailer.  Why?  Every major beauty retailer is searching for the answers to this questions while aggressively building both in-store and online strategies to […]

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Defining the new luxury experience with American-made beauty?

Sep 10, 2015

Students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) set out to answer this question and reported their findings in a presentation at Cosmoprof 2015. They started by accessing a study done from January to June 2015 by the Boston Consulting Group who conducted interviews with 1000 consumers in China, Korea, and Japan on luxury beauty. […]

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