Do you color your hair?

Jun 08, 2015

Of course you do. Everyone colors their hair. But how do you make sure you get the same gorgeous depth of color every time? Meet Walter Claudio Zungri and discover the mystery, wonder and fabulousness of headmapping. Yes, it’s a real thing, and it makes hair color extraordinary. Listen to learn how standards and technology […]

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Just mad about the sensual oils of Madflowers

Jun 01, 2015

What does desire in a bottle feel like? How does it bring out the goddess in every woman? Meet the woman who knows, the woman with enough passion about essential botanical oils to build Madflowers Sensual Oils for Natural Beauty into a beautiful line containing a natural self-tanner, a breast elixir and a kissable lip […]

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Beauty is as beauty changes

Apr 13, 2015

What are the major changes that have occurred to the beauty industry? They’re almost too numerous to count. Just one example might be the rise of day spas, predicted by the estimable Marianne Dougherty, a purveyor of all things American Salon. She was present as the beauty industry truly gained strength in the 1980s and […]

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He nailed it

Apr 06, 2015

Meet Doug Schoon, an internationally recognized scientist, author, and inventor. He has helped to shape the beauty industry especially when it comes to nails. Among his many and ongoing accomplishments is his work for Creative Nail Designs. He also serves as an expert witness in legal things as related to ingredients. Doug’s specialty is to […]

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Radio American Made Beauty (AMB)

Mar 02, 2015

Beauty is on the air American Made Beauty, the luxury beauty portal showcasing the innovation and technology of hair, skin, face and body entrepreneurs, has launched a weekly radio show on, an all-positive talk radio network. Los Angeles, CA – Radio AMB. It has a nice sound, and with industry veteran and American Made […]

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