Beauty Helps to Cut Out Domestic Violence. An Interview with Brigid Cox.

B Cox Headshot
Did you know April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month? Learn the history here:

Well, this time on RadioAMB, host Patty Schmucker interviews Brigid Cox with Cut it Out, a Beauty Community Against Domestic Abuse. They discuss the ways domestic violence has and still is shaping our society and how we can help those affected (which is all of us) and most importantly, how to recognize it in the first place.

The numbers speak for themselves: Every 15 seconds a woman is battered and 35% of ER visits by women are a result of domestic abuse. Patty and Brigid discuss why beauty professionals are in a pivotal role to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse in clients and co-workers. That the intimate relationship within the salon can create a space for private and safe dialogue, which can help identify a possible victim. Learn how to see the first small warning signs and that listening and being observant are the first steps to recognizing a possible victim of domestic violence.

Listen in as Patty and Brigid take a closer look at the ways we all can prevent domestic violence and how you can help the people in your circle be more observant and aware in order to help everyone affected by this issue. It’s a tough conversation, and we think that’s pretty important.