Beauty is a Family Business. An Interview with Mark Gonzales.

M Gonzales Headshot
The Acoma Pueblo, in New Mexico, is also known as Sky City and Taos Pueblo and has been continuously inhabited since the first millennia. Even the ancient peoples of this glorious desert mountain terrain knew that its beauty was unsurpassed. Fast forward some 20,000 years and much of the Pueblo retains its charm. Maybe it’s because of Mark Gonzales, a native of the area. Called “Pardo” by his family, he comes from a long line of barbers. By 25 he was running his father’s shop, and used it to start Mark Pardo SalonSpa, the largest independently owned salon in the state.

Join Mark today as he sits down with Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker. They’ll talk about Mark’s family, how he got involved with Aveda and how that brand influenced his thinking and his passion. How he makes decisions to positively impact both his consumers and his bottom-line. You’ll also find out just what Pardo means and where it came from.