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When Couture and Wellness Meet, it can be Magical. An Interview with Sita Thompson of Sita Couture.

On RadioAMB Patty Schmucker interviews a very special guest: Sita
Thompson of Sita Couture. Want to know how a clothing brand can be dedicated to
supporting women on their path to self reflection and discovery? Then listen in as Patty and Sita discuss her path to starting a wellness based clothing brand.

Not only was Sita a brand ambassador for multinationals while also studying and
performing classical Indian dance, she received the National Friendship
Committee Award from the former Prime Minister of India for being American by
birth, but Indian by Heart – a role model for society.

Sita sits down with Patty and talks about how she is bringing her unique brand to market and how
partnering with the Global Spa Network, as retail partners, feels like she’s found a home. We think that’s pretty important.


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