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Keeping it Real. An Interview with David Valenzuela of Face Reality Acne Clinic.

This Radio AMB interview is a special show, all about something that many people have experienced: Acne. Facing acne in our teenage years or as adults comes with emotions and stress that is real. Patty’s guest addresses the subject head on and is keeping it real. David Valenzuela, CEO of the Face Reality Acne Clinic has joined a team that is changing people’s lives and clearing problem skin, sometimes with dramatic results, all with a non-pharmaceutical approach.

How, has this industry professional prepared himself for this CEO role? Well, ten years working with Horst at Aveda helped him understand the botanical approach to health and beauty, as well as working with other industry giants like Dermalogica and Cosmedix helped him see all sides of the skin care industry.

Listen in as Patty and David discuss everything acne and get the lowdown on an important approach to effective ingredients; Chiral correction. What is chirally corrected ingredients and why is it important? Thanks to David, you are going to hear how ingredients are being modified to become crucial to their treatment system. We think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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