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The American Made Beauty Online Marketplace is Here! An Interview with AMB Founder Patty Schmucker.

Have you ever thought about where your favorite beauty and wellness products are made and manufactured? With so many products on the market today, where do you go to find and purchase verified and trusted brands that are making their products right here in the good old USA? The American Made Beauty online market place, that’s where. On this RadioAMB interview, Patty Schmucker will be giving you the exciting low down on what AMB will now be able to offer: online shopping.

American made brands have dominated the beauty industry and with over 40 years of watching brands emerge and grow up in the beauty market, Patty and AMB have the industry know how to bring you trusted and verified American Made Beauty brands right to your fingertips. Did you also know that AMB showcases stories about brands in every category of the industry: hair, skin, body, face, health & wellbeing, including things like, meditation, mental health, domestic violence prevention, early diagnosis of skin cancer and body postures that prevent long term injury? Visit the new AMB and you’ll find out just what we are all about.

Listen in as Patty discusses why shopping American Made is not only helping US brands but supporting the entrepreneurial spirit that is American Made, and why its so important to look for verified brands and products that pass vigorous testing in order to be listed on AMB and given the Verified American Made Beauty seal of approval. Its what we think is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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